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Memel parcel cachets



Memel parcel cachets 1920 - 1922

This is another type of cancels used in Memel. I have not found out why this are used instead of ordinary cancels. The following examples on stamps with parcel catchets are used in :


MEMEL (vf # ?) with MEMEL Cancel?


memel    memel   memel




this cancels are only used on french MERSON stamps on parcel cards - like this types ............




 with vf # 493



Schmellen (507)
This type are very hard to define because of similarity with other cancels 11 different with or without dot, like this from MEMEL. (They are in fact similar to russian mute cancels used in world war I)..........


Memel (VF # 493)

 vf 493





Memel (vf # 492)
memel vf 492




Memel (492)
memel vf 492





There are 45 different shapes, most from Memel city, 14 different, but also from Russ, Heydekrug, Saugen, and other major citys and places. Rare to find...........................



Yeah .... :-)









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