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Postal history Vega
Postal History of Vega







Some Memel spesial studys (Witch are not compleate) as exsampels of the varietys of stamps errors? and overprints positions and images:


memel 146



memel 146 letter 

Private letter fram Memel (Klaipeda)27.3.1923 * * C (second **C cancel used after 21.12.1922) to Harheim/Oberhessen in Germany with m # 146 - postal rate to Germany

100 Mark inland letter 1.3.23 - 16.4.1923 (last period for use of Mark).










memel 106



memel 38

memel 38

memel 38

memel 173


memel 119


memel 182


memel 31

Memel 31


memel 176

Memel 176


memel 177

Memel 177 also I; II; III; IV. Field and position in sheet are not declared.


memel 124

Philatlic set made buy collector .... or stamp dealer, or postal clark.

Still nice and signed by an well known Memel expert Dr. U. Klein,

member of BPP ......................witch means stamps/overprint and cancel are genuine, but made philatelic...................never been on a postal item, letter or postcard, or anything else, just mounted with other similar stamps on paiper, cansel-ed and cut ..........NICE, with cansel MEMEL only 5 days after 5.2.1923. 


NEXT is;


 memel 123

The Lituanian weapon knighte with a M(c)mel in Memel one of many field errors .............Most of this stamps have been in a early stamp collection and are therefore with hinges, and hard to get ** (And I dont care if the glue is in origin, or if the stamps are shabby, missing a perf or two, as long it fits my collection, the perfect stamp do not exists.......... and this type of stamp are filled with errors of many degrees ............ you just have to find them............


memel 200


Whats wrong with this?

 memel Klaipeda cansel 200

 memel 200

memel overprint 200

All on MI # 200 from MEMEL



and so on



this are some of my collection of a few thousand MEMEL stamps still in stockbook witch WANTS to be placed in order...........


Only a few collectors are interested in this area of philately, it seems, and collectors and philatelists among young people even fewer. I think that stamp collectors tend to keep their collection under a secret carpet and wants to hide their collection, only stamp dealers, auktioners and experts show their interests, where are the many collectors?. Philatelists show their collections on stamp shows and fairs, win some medals and are then forgotten, SHOW your collection on the net.......................

.. there are already many, but not so many that its not a place for you...




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