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forgery of stamps



There are many forgerys in the philatelic world, and this is one of them. 

This cover with Memel stamps and cancels is a forgery to fraud stamp collectors.



 Memel fake stamp letter




On the cover you find forged Bismarc date cancels (and registred cancel), forged FLUGPOST overprint on stamp MI# 37b as MI# 79 witch is rare and expencive used. And the cover are missing some important marks/labels witch you will find of a real genuine used cover. The postal rate are also odd.

The only that is genuine are maybe the stamps Mi# 32, 37b, and 39II. One of this stamps came into use after 15.09.22 and the Flugpost stamp from12.5.1922 *fake # 79, and the date on the cancel are 27.7.1921. This BISMARCK cancel has been used to extensive forgeing of MEMEL stamps. According to this among other marcs, it is a forgery, and luckily extremly bad made. Its only wort anything as prof of forgery, and part of the philatelic story. Be warned...............have a look.........




Another fake Memel - on 12 a

Fake cancel BISMARCK 23.9.1920 7-8V MEMELGEBIET / This cancel is ALWAYS A FORGERY ON ISSUE Germania, Memel 1 - 17


Bismarc fake



There are several forgeries of overprints on this Deutches Reich serie MEMELGEBIET - Becker has Ost-Falschung and Spitzohr falschung - this one has no name :


 but is clearly a forgery -


 Fake Memel 79

 MEMEL 9.9.1922 4-5N /Falschung /Dr.PETERSEN BPP / Ing. Becker/ and ?


fake memel 79


Fake Memel  115

fake memel 115

 KLAIPEDA 3 VI 1925 / Stempel falsch / KLEIN VP

fake Memel 115 


Fake Memel 25a


fake memel 25a

 MEMEL 23.2.1921 8-9V/ Stempel falsch / HUYLMAN BPP


fake Memel 25a




Fake Memel 54


 fake Memel 54  fake Memel 54

MEMEL  20.12.1922 / Stempel Falsch /KLEIN VP



This upside overprint on Flugpost II 1922 is always a forgery





Huylmans Flugpost II


Sold at ebay for 53 $ this week ............






L 11 1/2/ fake mi # 160 (buchdruck) with blue cancel

 memel 160 forgery 


This stamps was forged by the famous stamp dealer and collector Bela Szecula from Budapest (1930), and each stamp forgery has specific markers. (Varro Tyler; Focus on Forgeries Edition 2000).


The last Mark currency issue, and forgery of the Port Anniversary issue with part of the also forged KLAIPEDA - MEMEL

cancel in blue, crude print and also named Solnik - Rex forgery.


And a real # 158 (500 m) with a fake cancel of unknovn origin.


You can also find it forged with fake overprint.


1. The genuine stamps are on characteristic horizontally ribbed slightly yellowish paper, and printed in steindruck.

2. Genuine stamps are line perforated L 11, while forgeries are perforated L 11 1/2.

3. Forgeries are printed in Buchdruck.


This i genuine/real:

 L 11/ mi # 160

memel 160 real 

 Quite a difference in print (steindruck)


Memel # 184 with fake cancel:


memel 184







And some fake/falsch 234 -237 I




Fake cancel of KAUNAS? on 237 I

memel 234 - 237 I forgery

 BS forgery with fake cancel for sale at ebay just now :

234 - 237




price US $ 79 ? Sold for US $ 217,50 by momenstamps, quite a price for a forgery, but whatever, cheeper than the original ............. and without an attest







 memel rundschau 15

Memel Rundschau # 15, 1933, page 67 .....................fake cancel in blue






 Memel 147 and 149 with fake cancel and wrong date 31.10.1920 witch are some months/Years before the stamps was taken in use in february/april 1923:


memel mi 147 fake cancel  memel mi 149 fake cancel


Here the forger has missed totally.

 (Stamps are real)

 All because this two values has a high catalogue value used ......... of this stamp serial from Lithuanian Memel 1923.

Worth noticed!


Some more / this time Flugpost III with fake cancel /missused cancel to fraud collectors of MEMEL.


Fake cancel mi 100

Canceled MEMEL * 1 e 31.10.1920 11-12N with forged cancel type vf # 99, and

witch are some time before 17.10.1922 when this stamp was issued.



Close look at the fake cancel -

a Slightly bigger than the genuine cancel

b wrong size on the date numbers and missing details like - between 11 12N

c wrong star 4 instead of 5 arms



More forgerys:




fake 156


fake  157


fake 158


fake 159


fake 160


fake 161


 fake 162


fake 163


fake 193


fake 195



 fake 196



fake 197


 fake 199


fake 200


fake 200


fake 203


fake 204


fake 205




and so on ........................

 Some stamp forgeries



There are several books witch describes forgerys of Memel stamps (and others). Serrane Guide is ONE of them and on Memel MY thoughts is that it is SVADA, GPP or similar. Its to general and wrong .......

You cant be an expert from this, witch, its almost nothing .....

and the forger here mentioned was arrested and most of his production destroyed ...........

this only tells you that there exist forgerys of any stamp .............





And I can veryfy that almost all Memel stamps AND OVERPRINTS have been forged in some ways, some are easy to see, and some you need an expert to veryfy. Stamps etc. will after this have an attest or a expert mark on the gum side, AS shown .............



But still this do not explain why its a forgery.

The nature of the forgery must be explained ......................thats some challenge ..




 New forgery cancel seen on ebay (dident get it)


Klaipeda Memel forgery


 This cansel i a forgery, a Thelegraph cancel Klaipeda - Paroda cancel witch came i use i 1927 and this stamp has a date long before, in 1925 .... backdated or fake cancel, on # 232 I from november 1923 ......



backside with owners cancel or wrong attest? Hochk?



M  # 147 with fake cancel KLAIPEDA 9 VI 1923 x d x and forged proofsign Ing. Becker - att: KLEIN BPP


compared to real proofsign Ing. Becker





Real KLAIPEDA d should have only 9 bars etc




M # 173 Also a fake KLAIPEDA 9 vi 1923 X d X Cancel with forged proofsign RICHTER att KLEIN BPP


compared to real sign / and he was an expert on Memelland as I know .........



And another fake KLAIPEDA cancel




M # 202 with fake cancel KLAIPEDA 2 , 7 XI 1924 o a o

the real KLAIPEDA 2 from 1923 has only 7 bars not 14 and another design etc ................




m 50


Memel M # 50 Used but CTO with proof ERDWIEN BPP - not postally used and cancelled to order on a sheet of paper as many of cancelled stamps from MemelGebiet you will find in a Memel collection. The cancel look real but has a violet-black colour and are suspisious for me - though it is proofed -



m 50


a closer look


real or fake ?


cancel from the Memel/Klaipeda Philatelic handbook


Well - I consider it a fake in all parts - and it does not belong in a real MEMELgebiet collection - other than a fake and forgeries collection from this area ..........

even if its proofed by a well respected expert ...........  




 when its to good to be true its a fake

on MEMELLAND stamps



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