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Postal history Vega
Postal History of Vega




Memel 1920

French administration



Stamps from Deutches Reich with black surcharge in two types








MEMEL first issue # 1 - 17, 1.8.1920 -






10 11


12 memel 12 95 BII  12 95 BII PF I





14 15 16 17


and a pair of stamps witch were prepared but not issued and taken in use. I have seen a couple of stamps for sale




In this first issue of stamps used in the Memel area there are lots of colour shades, surcharge printing varietys, paper and perforation varietys, and of cource forgerys of both, stamps and surcharges, even used stamps with false postmarks, also on postcards and envelopes with false postmarks and other fake markings.


With BISMARCK/MEMELGEBIET cancel always a cancel forgery .............on this issue (1-17)


But this cancel on this issue are genuine:


 memel 12 b


Cancel BISMARK/(Ost.Prussen) 22.10.1922 7-8V



 memel 12 b

 Sign Huylmans BPP

on the backside of

12 a




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