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I also collect Memel as part of the Lithuanian postal history.

My collection starts at 1860 with this interesting postal shipment:
Memel letter 1860

Wich is a Prussia #6 Strip of 3 on Cover 
( Memel Cancel $200+ Cat)







For collectorz, philatelistz of


The best fo russian philatelists is http://www.rossica.org/index.php and here is a nice danish webside also http://www.ruslandssamleren.dk/


Lithuania and Memel etc.,

there are a number of books and catalogs to use for the just plain collecton, with what you get is what you se, or the ultimate collection with raritys and spesialitys, with what you see you do no get:

And you can find som raritys on the net, just like this page.

For Memel THERE is the following sorces:

Michel, scott, yvert. (do not tell but MICHEL IS THE BEST) Rating**********

Michel specialized germany catalog part memelgebiet. Rating**********

Memel Specialized Catalog Part 1 1937 author ing. Ernst Becker ( there should be made more parts but I do not think he made more parts than II. Rating also********** You can buy a copy of me for just 30 US$ plus shipping 5 US$ anywhere in the world. You can pay with the eminent www.paypal.com Rating**********

I have found ONE good websides of philately that covers stamps and postal history of Memelgebiet and that is Matheisen Rating********** discontinued but still good....

Well: WHERE do you find stamps to collect memelgebiet:

Auctions and stampsorces on the net. There are many good. eg.
www.zillionsofstamps.com and, www.stampfinder.com and many others. You will find them. Just look but be skeptical. Most of the netfirms are really serious. But most websides are difficult to use and the websides are not ready. Its difficult to find anything and its hard to pay. THE WORLD is mutch easyer to meet on the net if YOU want something reaaly bad.

I also reccomend www.ebay.com. Rating********** Its easy, its good, its bad (you can bee cooned here also, but to small amounts of money its nothing to loose) 99 % are honest and good. Of 100 I meet on ebay one was bad, and I am newer going to meet him again.  

Look out for forgeries of memel stamps. There is a sorsce for this
THE GERMAN PHILATELIC SOSIETY has given out several cds with numurous images of identifying forgeries.

Even if its not complete, or accurate its a good help in identfiing forged stamps. You can buy it here http://www.gps.nu/????
or try this new philatelic expert Tobias Huylman

And you can ask me.

Comments and questions, of if you want to add somthing,
you are welcome to email me.
And at last if you want to use an inexpensive album for your stamps I recomend this www.stampalbums.com Rating also **********

memel cancel -4.9.1903
Deutches Reich Cancel Memel -4.9.1903. 8-9N.

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