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memel airmail 



This letter is probably sendt by airmail from Memel 12.08.1921 to Libau/Lieepaja in Latvia the same day, with value/porto in 12 mark airmail stamps from the first series of Memel FLUGPOST I airmail stamps. Its cancelled with Memel V.F. german P.O. cancel # 101. And the letter has correctly airmail label/stamp, but? somthings missing?. The postal rate is some unclear as the postal rate is as in Germany and added Memel rates for airmail.


 Flugpost I Memel


Flugpost I Memel


The letter may also be overfranked as in most cases because of the big business fram philatelic dealers, and in post-administration and unnessesary use of stamps.
Also remeber the inflation period in the 1920- ties,
 well I`ll find the answer..............................................And the question is, IS this letter rally brought bye airmail beetween Memel and Leepaja.



"As regards the Memel airmail I doubt whether it really went by air. It should have been transported to Riga by plane and then to Liepaja by train, but when this route had been chosen, I think the Latvian postal service would have put a transit cancel Riga on the letter. Without doubt the overland route went faster, as Liepaja is quite near to Memel. The overland route would also explain the fact that the letter arrived on the self-same day it was sent. 9.1.2014 by Sijtze Reurich"
Thanks for comment/ I agree .........


 I have today 23.2.14, done some resarch and conkludes with the following - The "FLUGPOST" envelope is a made so called MACHE  and has never been sent with airmail and is made by someone to fraud and make money from philatelists. The letter has the wrong cancel or is missing cancel, airmail post labels/cancels etc, and is sendt to a well known address, with similar Memel MACHE.  All three Flugpost serias from Memel has this type of forgerys, and real airmail letters are rare, so be aware of adressed "Herren Paul Lang" Flugpost Letters.







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